Useful tips on how to keep a man healthy

Useful tips on how to keep a man healthy

Speaking about how to preserve men’s health, many people mean, first of all, the sexual activity of male representatives. Meanwhile, a lot of men’s health problems are associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system and vegetative-vascular disorders. Alcohol and smoking have a considerable influence on the physical condition of men.

Men’s health problems

Men are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension. Men’s health problems are explained by the fact that, unlike women, they lack estrogens, which are protection against heart disease. In addition, they are more prone to stress, nervous breakdowns, smoke more and abuse alcohol. Today, medicine has ordered and systematized the main risk factors for purely male and female diseases. The question of how to keep a man healthy is the subject of close study.

Prevention of prostate diseases in men

Prostate diseases in men can cause impotence, so painful and depressing. The prostate (prostate gland) is an organ the size of a small walnut located under the bladder. The prostate is a sex gland, but it does not produce hormones. The initial part of the urethra passes through it. In an adult man, the prostate is exposed to bacterial and other infections, as well as depressing inflammatory diseases. Over the years, men have an increased risk of benign and malignant neoplasms of the prostate gland. Most of the other diseases are “property” of both sexes. It is obvious that the unhealthiness of men is often explained by an unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits that are acquired in adolescence, and over the years are aggravated and manifested by various diseases.

To prevent prostate diseases, it is necessary to maintain physical activity, lead a regular sex life, observe hygiene, eat right and avoid prolonged hypothermia of the body.

The impact and consequences of smoking and alcohol on the male body

Speaking about what is harmful to men’s health, first of all it is worth mentioning smoking. It shortens life by 6-8 years, while accompanying the smoker with all kinds of diseases of the cardiovascular system and lungs. The effect of smoking on a man’s body is so detrimental that smokers with 25 – 45 years of experience have twice as much sexual activity as non-smokers. When a person breaks up with this habit, potency, as a rule, is restored. Well, there is no need to talk about such consequences of smoking for men as cough and shortness of breath – they are all, as they say, “obvious”.

The second powerful risk factor that destroys a man’s health is excessive and long-term alcohol abuse. The harmful effect of alcohol on a man’s body begins with a harmless can of beer in high school, and if you don’t stop in time, it ends with alcoholism, destroying everything in its path. The causes of death due to the negative influence of alcohol on a man are a sick heart, cirrhosis of the liver, accidents, car accidents.

The power of men’s health and a healthy lifestyle of men

All of the above applies mainly to the physiology of men and diseases caused by bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle. And what is good for men’s health, how to maintain his inner strength? As for psychological factors, men are more focused on business success, a decent career, financial well-being and perceive almost every defeat tragically.

If a man’s position in society does not suit him, and he is unable to change the situation for the better, then he shows signs of developing distress: indifference to work, family, life. Our time with its mass unemployment, overestimation of true values is rapidly multiplying depression in men, bringing them to fatal marks in life. How to change the situation? One of the useful tips for men regarding health: remember more often that you are the “stronger sex”, which must protect not only your loved ones, but also yourself. Your health is in your hands.

Since ancient times, a man has always been a defender, breadwinner, conqueror, leader, support. Is there a man today who would not like to possess all these qualities? The answer is unequivocal.

The birth of a child is the greatest miracle. Any man feels special pride and happiness when an heir is born. However, this happy event should not obscure the main duty – the upbringing of all the listed male virtues of your child from the “cradle”. In the explanatory dictionary of Dahl, the appearance of a man is described as follows: “portly, prominent, mighty, majestic, hefty.” So nature has generously rewarded our men. Unfortunately, this gift is not infinite and with an unreasonable attitude to it, all the sad statistics become a reality.

Everything is in your hands. A healthy lifestyle of a man is a necessary condition for mental comfort. In fact, a healthy lifestyle will not be a heavy burden for you, it will not require much effort if it becomes habitual and ordinary. Therefore, it is so important to think about it as early as possible in order to devote most of your life to creation, creativity, and protecting loved ones.

In order to become a real support and protection, a man has to go through a difficult path. The strength of men’s health is laid during childhood and social maturation. A young person has a real opportunity to work independently at the age of 18-22 years. At the age of 30-35, he becomes a professional at work, gets independence, becomes the head of the family. And by the age of 40 – 45, he enters the “golden age”, when the peaks in work, position in society have been reached, material problems have been solved, children have grown up. There are still huge reserves of creative potential, and if you keep your health at this age, you will enjoy all the joys of life for a long time.

Following a healthy lifestyle will allow you to be healthy, vigorous, and efficient even in 70-80 years. Having a lot of life experience, you will be needed by colleagues, friends and relatives for a long time. If you live according to the natural laws of physical and mental health, you can significantly expand the scope of the “golden age”, prolonging the active period of life.

Proper lifestyle and physical education for men

The right way of life for a man is unthinkable without physical education. Physical training is useful for men at any age, since household motor activity practically does not provide the necessary physical activity. In order to maintain health at a good level, every man must first make special efforts: to make physical training regular and optimal in intensity. An active lifestyle will add health and endurance. Physically active men are more confident and less prone to stress and depression.

1. Start with a regular morning exercise.

2. The next step to health is daily walking at a good pace for 1 hour. Among men who spend more than 1 hour walking, coronary heart disease occurs 2-3 times less often than in those who walk less than 1 hour.

3. If you travel by car, then the list of useful physical exercises should include wellness running, cycling, swimming, tennis. Choose the optimal type of training for yourself and practice for health 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

A special place in physical education for men is occupied by walking up the stairs – the “vertical stadium”. Too often, with the help of an elevator, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to give the necessary load to the heart, blood vessels, lungs, muscles.

What does swimming give to our health? During a long swim, you get a gentle massage that works through every muscle, subcutaneous capillaries and nerve endings. A special health benefit is from aerobic water loads. Another important healing factor is hardening. Long and regular workouts in the water straighten the spine, stretch the intervertebral discs. You can learn more here.

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